LeadOutcome + Zapier  - Getting Started Guide

Getting Started

Watch this presentation as Will Berger, President of LeadOutcome, gives you an overview and shows you how you can take your marketing automation to another level.


Can't wait?  Integrating LeadOutcome with Zapier is quite simple and only takes a few minutes. Follow the steps below and be blown away by what you can do!

Let's get started with a simple example:

Add the ability to 'send SMS messages' to you when you get a new Lead.

This involves integrating LeadOutcome with an SMS product like Twilio (1 of 8 companies you can choose from).

1. Login to your LeadOutcome account or start your free 30-day trial (Premier Membership is required for this functionality).
2. Create a Zapier Account (also includes a Free Trial).
3. Checkout the pre-built zaps you can use as templates.
4. Follow Zapier's Getting Started instructions. Explore their list of services.  Note you can use Zapier to integrate other web services outside of LeadOutcome. Play around with it... it's fun!
5. When you are ready to build your first LeadOutcome Zap, click on "Make a Zap" on the Dashboard Page.

Make a  LeadOutcome Zap

6. Zaps are made up of Triggers and Actions. In the Trigger Drop Down, type "LeadOutcome". Then, below it, select the trigger "New Leads".
7. In the Actions drop down, type "Twilio" and select the action "Send SMS".

8. Next, login to your LeadOutcome Account and test the connection.
9. Next, login to your Twilio Account and test the connection.

10. Skip the Filter.
Now let's match up the LeadOutcome fields to what Twilio is expecting to send you in an SMS message.

11. From the drop down, select your Twilio number (the number the text is coming from).
12. Enter your cell number.
13. In the Message Field, select "Insert Fields" and choose the fields you would like to see in your Zap.
14. Now test your Zap.

15. Name it something like "Send me an SMS message anytime I get a Lead."
16. Go create a lead in your account via Landing Page, WordPress Lead Capture Form, or simply through "Add a Lead" in your LeadOutcome Account. Your cell phone should start notifying you.

Pretty Cool! Don't you think?

Next, play around with this a bit and see all the different ways you can enhance and automate your marketing initiatives. Don't worry if you can't come up with anything. We will give you some ideas shortly.

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